Cremation Service In Liverpool


We get many enquiries about the Cremation Service In Liverpool and its surrounding areas, that we offer; all beautifully observed and planned by our dedicated team. With people still feeling the effects of the ‘credit crunch’, it’s becoming ever more noticeable that planning a fitting send off for a dearly departed family member, can be a real struggle for many to afford. AT Barrington Independent Funeral Directors, we have a range of options for you; that include direct cremations.

Wherever you are in Liverpool, wanting to know more about our cremation service, you can rest assured we will give you our prompt attention; providing you with the necessary information and advice with regards to the funeral you are arranging. Highly reputable-we are a valued member of the National Association of Funeral Directors-with over 50 years’ experience, which sees generations trust our judgement and professionalism as an independent funeral director.

Our cremation service in Liverpool is at the lowest cost available; designed for those who either prefer a simple approach to a funeral or have a strict budget to consider. In a locally based premises in Liverpool, all funeral arrangements will be provided. With third-party payments-DWP-being the norm for this service, this is a basic package, but one-at £1950-that is still appropriate for your deceased loved one.

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