Simple Funeral Service Broadgreen


If you are requiring a Simple Funeral Service Broadgreen, come and discuss with Barringtons Independent Funeral Services, a prestigious and well-known funeral directors who have been serving the Liverpool area for over 50 years. Family run, they provide a wide range of services that meet the expectations of clients who want a fitting and memorable occasion for a dearly departed loved one.

Cost is always a contributing factor when it comes to a Broadgreen simple funeral service, that is why Barringtons offer this particular service for those who not only are coming to terms with the passing away of a family member, but the stress that comes with affording a funeral. The dedicated team at Barringtons will advise on making a claim from the DWP social fund for a funeral payment; while discussing what is included in a simple funeral service.

As the National Association of Funeral Directors’ Code of Practice states, all Funeral Directors must provide this service to the public. At Barringtons, they offer the benefit of a wealth of experience combined with a friendly, respectful manner. Offering up to 8 limousines and 2 hearses, they are the biggest ‘carriage master’ in the whole of Liverpool. Indeed, their reputation has seen them entered as the only Funeral Directors in the Good Funeral Guide Book.

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