Basic Funerals in LiverpoolRecently, a potential client phoned us regarding the price of the basic funerals in Liverpool provided by Barringtons Independent Funeral Services. Our funeral house, just like all the others in the country, is under the obligation to provide basic funerals to anyone. This rule is found in the National Association of Funeral Directors’ Code of Practice.

In Liverpool, basic funerals are the most common of funerals people opt to have on account of a fast, quick and efficient service. We understand that there are many bereaved families who will not be able to afford a lavish service or maybe the deceased did live a simple life and would have wanted a funeral that would reflect his life in general. Most people will remember the departed and not the funeral day per se. However, a basic funeral plan allows friends and families of the deceased to pay their respects and it gives them a chance to bid farewell. It’s their last responsibility towards the departed and a chance to bid their final goodbyes. The basic funeral plan provided by Barringtons includes various advice such as placing a claim for the funeral payment from the DWP social fund, catering after the deceased in a hygienic manner, the provision of a simple coffin, the collection of the deceased, a hearse to be placed at your preferred location for the service and the cemetery and the provision of a funeral director and pall bearers should they be required. The basic plan is an easy plan for any bereaved families, with no complications whatsoever. It costs only £1425.

Should you have any questions regarding our basic funerals in Liverpool, do not hesitate to contact us on the 0151 928 1625. Our staff members will be happy to assist you in every way possible. Please note that once you have contacted us regarding the planning of the funeral, our funeral directors will be asking you a number of questions to better understand the funeral you want. During the meeting, we will get all the paperwork done and discuss all the relevant costs. At Barringtons Independent Funeral Services, we try our utmost to make sure that you have a service that is both simple, affordable and memorable.

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