Humanist Funerals in Southport For humanist funerals in Southport, you’ll find Barrington’s to be sympathetic to all of your needs. When you experience the loss of a loved one, you will find it easy to speak with our director to plan a course of action. This time of grief will leave you feeling spent, with little energy to attend to details. Let us guide you through the process of preparing to lay your dear one to rest, and help you plan a celebration of his or her life. In our initial meeting of one to two hours, we will reminisce about your friend or family member, to enable a non-religious officiant to speak from the heart at the funeral service. Should you require assistance in writing a eulogy, our staff will work with you to express your thoughts articulately.

At Barrington’s in Southport, humanist funerals are managed with compassion and delicacy. We will discuss all aspects of the pre-funeral and funeral process, including retrieval of the deceased, registering the appropriate paperwork, burial or cremation, service venue, transport, music, flowers, and newspaper notices. We will help you with everything you need. When possible, the staff member who attends to your needs in the planning stage will be with you on the day of the funeral.

Humanist funerals in Southport are handled with care at Barrington’s. We offer traditional, bespoke and simple funeral packages. Each service is a unique memorial to the life of your special person. Budget is a very important consideration when preparing to lay a loved one to rest. A simple funeral costs £1425 before disbursements, and for traditional, £1875 before disbursements. Once these details are worked out, your focus will turn to the aspects of the service that will stand as a testament to the life of someone precious to you. We have great empathy for our bereaved clients, and are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Have you considered a pre-paid funeral package for yourself? There’s no time like the present to establish your wishes and relieve your family of the burden. Ring Barrington’s today.

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