The Stages of Repatriation Funerals in Liverpool

The Stages of Repatriation Funerals in Liverpool

Repatriation Funerals in LiverpoolRepatriation funerals in Liverpool involve the burial or cremation of the deceased following their death in another country. If the unfortunate happens and a friend or family member dies whilst abroad, there are a number of important steps to take. Different countries have different repatriation laws but there is a common law procedure that is used in the majority of countries throughout the world. If you were actually travelling with the deceased at the time then it will be your responsibility to ensure all the necessary steps are taken. If you were part of an organised tour then this responsibility will pass to the tour representative. The first thing to do is contact the British consulate or embassy in the area. British officials there will be able to advise you as to what the repatriation process involves. Typically, the first requirement, if not already completed, is to contact a doctor and have them confirm the death. They will then be able to provide a death certificate. This is a legal requirement for all countries throughout the world.

In Liverpool, repatriation funerals take place when a person dies abroad. Following a death certificate being issued in the country where the death occurred, the next steps involve a lot of paperwork. Various certificates need to be obtained in order to transport the body back to the UK. It is advisable to contact a funeral director back in the UK who specialises in repatriation services. They can assist with all the arrangements and documentation requirements. The British consulate in the country will also give you contact details of a local funeral director who can prepare the body for the journey home. If the deceased has travel insurance then the insurance company will be able to arrange for the body to be flown back to the UK.

Repatriation funerals in Liverpool then take place once the body of the deceased has arrived back in the UK. Some other important considerations include translating the death certificate into English, obtaining an embalming certificate from the local funeral director and ensuring that you can provide the passport of the deceased. Call Barrington’s for more information regarding repatriation funerals.


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