Eco-Friendly Funerals in Liverpool

Eco-Friendly Funerals in Liverpool

Eco-Friendly Funeral in LiverpoolAn eco-friendly funeral in Liverpool may be an appropriate way to celebrate someone’s life and highlight the things they were passionate about. If someone who was passionate about the environment passes on, then giving them a memorable farewell with an environment friendly funeral might be a great way to let their memory live on. The concept of an eco-friendly funeral is unique – a way of giving back to the earth after one has passed on.

For people in Liverpool, eco-friendly funerals can also include something as simple, yet thoughtful, as the type of wood casket.  A simple, unadorned pine casket can add to the concept of an eco-friendly funeral.  One does not need to use treated wood, or elaborate caskets. Another small step one can take to make a funeral service more eco-friendly is choosing not to use cut flowers. Using potted flowering plants can be as effective, beautiful and as elegant as cut flowers.  The potted flowering plants can be planted in the grounds where the funeral will take place, ensuring beautiful flowers for a long time, gracing the area.  A suggestion could be made that in lieu of the flowers mourners wish to give the deceased’s family, donations to a charity could be made or a tree could be planted in the memory of the recently passed on loved one.

The other thing about organising eco-friendly funerals in Liverpool is that cremation can be an alternative way of laying the deceased to rest rather than a casket burial. The ashes of the deceased can be stored in an environmentally friendly urn, which can be designed to host a plant seed.  When the urn is buried, a new life begins, that of  the seed within the urn. Or if so desired, the ashes can be scattered in an area the deceased was particularly fond of.  Arranging funerals can be heart-wrenching and traumatic for the family left behind.  An eco-friendly funeral can play a part in honouring the deceased’s life.  Contact Barringtons Independent Funeral Services for advice regarding an eco-friendly funeral in Liverpool.


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