Funeral Director in AigburthWhen meeting with the funeral director in Aigburth, Barringtons encourages their clients to express their concerns. We want to be of service in every way but we never want to get in your way as you plan the appropriate funeral for your family member. We will present you with a full list of our services.  Since all funerals are custom, feel free to make added requests not listed. We will keep you advised of costs so you do not go over your budget. We may be able to make alternative suggestions that will be less costly but still convey the sentiment you want to express.

In Aigburth, funeral director responsibilities may include preparing the paperwork and advising you when registering the death. However, you are free to take care of all necessary paperwork and secure the death certificate on your own. You may want bag pipers, doves released and flowers banked all around an English casket. We will make all of those arrangements for you. However, if you prefer, arrange it all on your own and pay the cost separate from Barrington’s service fees.  Choose a simple wood grain cardboard coffin and waive embalming in favour of a same day cremation. That is perfectly acceptable.

Barringtons, funeral director in Aigburth understands that funerals are for the living. If you are most comfortable with a simple traditional funeral, you can still add some special extras and stay within your financial means. Play music from your loved ones personal play list. Add a balloon launch to say good-bye for very little cost. Feel free to add personal items to the chapel of rest such as favourite photos, flowers from your garden or a sports team jersey. You can design your own memory cards and print them on your home computer or pay the printer company to run them. Personalise the funeral by displaying and wearing favourite colours. The possibilities are endless. For very little additional cost, a simple funeral plan becomes a meaningful experience that honours the life of your loved one in a very personal way. If you require the services of a funeral director, contact Barringtons.