Golden Charter in AigburthBarringtons offers Golden Charter in Aigburth to those who wish to take responsibility for their own funeral. Most of us do not want to think about our own funeral. We are only guaranteed one moment at a time, so perhaps the issue of final expenses should be put into place so that it is done. From there you move on with life as normal, knowing that all the details are taken care of. Your family will certainly be grateful that you cared enough about them in life to spare them the stress of funeral preparations. Barringtons is a member of Golden Charter Scheme. They offer a simple and affordable plan that will put you in charge of decisions surrounding and payment of final expenses.

When you meet with one of our directors at Barringtons he will review the available plans. For those in Aigburth, Golder Charter offers a plan for every budget. However, all plans include the services of the funeral director, casket, and hearse services. All plans offer a payment plan or a one-time payment in full, whichever you prefer. Your investment in Golden Charter is guaranteed to keep up with inflation so you will be paying for your future funeral expenses at today’s rates. Keep in mind that none of the Golden Charter plans include a burial plot. However, all plans except the Basic include an ample sum of money to cover third party bills such as the minister, flowers and other miscellaneous expenses.

Golden Charter in Aigburth includes the drafting of a legal will so your final wishes can be made clear to all interested parties. There are other plans besides Golden Charter, however, more people have chosen Golden Charter over the Co-op or Age UK than other plans in previous years. You probably have many questions regarding the Golden Charter. In order to get the answers, you need only contact Barringtons for a full, no obligation explanation. Do it today and check this detail off your list of responsibilities. Tidy up the loose ends and move on with a clear conscious. Think of it as a final gift to those you love the most.