Non-religious funerals in WaterlooNon-religious funerals in Waterloo are a way to provide a personal and fitting means to say goodbye to those who have lived without religion. The death of someone we know and love can be shocking and painful, even if it was expected. Non-religious funerals allow the relatives and friends of the deceased a way to come together to express their sadness. It is also a way to celebrate the life lived. They will focus on the on the person who has died, paying tribute to the way they lived their life. Planning a funeral can be an overwhelming and emotional time, and the help of a professional funeral director can ease the process and ensure that it is the type of funeral that is appropriate and meaningful.

When a loved one has passed away in Waterloo, non-religious funerals can be empathetically and respectfully arranged by our funeral directors. Our main approach is to put you firmly in charge, to take ownership of the funeral service to ensure that a meaningful and personal service is prepared. We will assist you in making all the necessary arrangements and we endeavour to provide an appropriate and significant service. Once you have arranged to meet with our funeral director, a meeting in which various options of the type of funeral, the venue, the transport of the deceased, music and flower arrangements will be discussed. You will also speak about the life of the person who has died and what his preferences or ideas for a funeral were. Our funeral director will also complete any necessary statutory paperwork with you during this meeting and explain any legal procedures that need to be put in place.

Non-religious funerals in Waterloo are professionally planned by our funeral directors. Our compassionate team has many years of experience in helping plan different kinds of funerals. If you need assistance with non-religious funerals, contact Barringtons. We believe in continuity of care and where possible, the funeral director who assisted you with the planning of the funeral will supervise on the day of the service.

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