Funeral Planning in FormbyThere is no reason you should have experience with funeral planning in Formby. Most of us don’t and those who do the experience is limited. Once you face the responsibility of planning a funeral, it’s a natural response to seek professional help. Barringtons have a wealth of experience on which you can draw. Make us your first call when a loved one passes and we will see you through this time as you plan a fitting funeral. We have a director on call 24 hours a day so the hour you call is unimportant. The task at hand and the given time frame is important. The same director with whom you first make contact will likely be by your side for the duration. Having one point of contact is easier and less stressful.

While our funeral directors at Barringtons assist you through the funeral planning and have the resources to fulfill your requests, we leave the final decisions to you. During our consultation in Formby, funeral planning with Barringtons rests on your answers to our series of questions. At the end, the answers sift down to a personalised funeral plan based on your preferences and your budget. Few things are more personal than funeral planning and we want to make sure all the decisions are yours. As an independent family owned and operated funeral service, we have a great deal of flexibility. Experience has gifted us with a wealth of ideas, many of them at little to no cost, that will contribute to a life honouring service.

Funeral planning in Formby with Barringtons can take many forms. For some, direct cremation is the best choice and the least expensive. We offer a simple closed casket funeral package that includes transportation to the church or other venue for the service and then on to the cemetery. The traditional funeral is one with which most of us are familiar. It makes use of our chapel for visitation and services. Contact Barringtons when you have need. Let us guide and advise you as you plan a funeral with love, dignity and personal touches.

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