Funeral Directors in Liverpool

Funeral Directors in Liverpool

Funeral Directors in LiverpoolCall our funeral directors in Liverpool when you have lost someone close to you. They will immediately respond and begin the process of collecting your deceased loved one and taking them to our funeral home where they will wait for the interment. The funeral director will visit you and help you arrange the paperwork that the family needs to complete. Once this is done and lodged with the authorities and a certificate has been issued preparations for the funeral can begin. This will start with a rough budget and whether you want a burial or cremation. Many people are opting for a cremation with a memorial service. This is a more affordable funeral than the traditional service.

When arranging a funeral for one of your family members in Liverpool, funeral directors from our funeral home will be compassionate and understanding. We understand how you feel and know that we can only offer sympathy for what you are going through. We will establish what you would like at the funeral. There is the casket to choose and the church to organise. If you require a traditional funeral then you will want flowers at the church and hymns.  We can organise a priest or pastor if you do not have anyone in mind along with a church or chapel. We can place a notice in the newspapers on your behalf.

We have some of the most helpful and empathic funeral directors in Liverpool. Our funeral directors have many years of experience helping recently bereaved people with their final goodbyes and know how to provide an elegant and respectful funeral on any budget. Contact Barringtons as soon as you have need of our services. One of the most important things we concentrate on is helping you to feel that you have done your best to provide a dignified funeral for your family member. This is very important for the grieving process. Time does not heal all wounds but time does blunt the edges to a stage where you can remember the happy times.


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      Coronavirus Virus Update

      Thanks for visiting our website. We are still open for business during the current Coronavirus Crisis.

      We are continuing to offer our service with some limitations to our working to keep you safe and also our team members.

      At the moment we prefer to make arrangements remotely over the phone or using video conferencing. If you cannot do it this way please let us know and we will make arrangements to support you. 

      Please make an appointment before visiting our offices. If you are in isolation or shielding we can still help by using email and the internet. We may visit you to sign paperwork or to collect items and we can also complete forms on your behalf or e-sign them using the internet. 

      Our Waterloo office is open 9am - 5pm and Formby is currently open 10am - 4pm. 

      Funerals are still taking place but there is a legal limit on attendance at the service of 30 people. You may also arrange a wake or funeral reception for 15 people. There are also lots of options that we can discuss to make the service personal and involve people from a distance.

      Thanks for your understanding. Please don't wait before making arrangements. It's important that we still hold funeral services promptly.

      Thanks very much,

      David and Claire Barrington.