Low Cost Funerals in SeftonLow cost funerals in Sefton can be as dignified and memorable as a more expensive traditional funeral. While some assume that the more expensive the funeral, the better, a simple funeral can offer a suitable service while keeping costs low. When you need to plan a funeral, speak to our funeral directors to help you plan a dignified service while maintaining your budget. Regardless of the level of spend, our funeral directors provide the level of care to each family.

For us, continuity of care is very important. If our funeral director in Sefton plans low cost funerals, we make sure that he supervises them on the day. We believe that it’s important to have the funeral director following up and supervising the event to ensure that everything is going as planned. Furthermore, having him on the premises ensures that any missteps will be looked at immediately. In addition to this, the funeral director will take care of all the necessary arrangements such as paperwork, collection of the deceased, and whenever required, he will provide you with tips and advices, especially when it comes to making a claim from the DWP Social fund. The simple funeral package also includes a hearse and bearers if required on the day of the service. If the deceased didn’t intend to be buried, then we assist you with cremation services. Whatever the option is, our funeral director will be there to ensure the best services in a manner that is approachable, professional and dignified.

We are committed to traditional values and when you choose low cost funerals in Sefton, you can expect a funeral service that is personal and warm. Both the bereaved family and the guests will be taken care of during the funeral period. If you would like any additional information, don’t hesitate to contact us. Each and every family is unique, and we will provide a service tailored around their needs, requirements and religious beliefs. Let us help you plan a memorable and dignified funeral service for your lost loved one, at a cost that is affordable.

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