Funeral Planning in Netherton

Funeral Planning in Netherton

Funeral Planning in NethertonFor funeral planning in Netherton, rely on help from an experienced, reliable firm. Barringtons has wide ranging experience in arranging a variety of funerals for people from all walks of life. We take pride in our ability to provide you with exactly the right kind of event you would like, based on your needs, preferences and budget. Discussing your needs and preferences with your loved ones can be a difficult and awkward task. However, there may be certain aspects of your own funeral that you would like to plan and put in motion after your demise. Our pre-paid, pre-planned funerals give you the opportunity to arrange exactly what you want without burdening anyone else. This saves your loved ones the effort of making decisions regarding finances, and the kind of event to arrange. It’s also a more practical way of looking at things because you can arrange the whole thing without being emotional about it as your family would be.

We have a variety of flexible plans for such events. In Netherton, funeral planning can be undertaken by anyone who wants to ensure that their wishes are carried out after they are no more. You can invest a certain amount of money in our Golden Charter Funeral Plan and this becomes part of an insurance-backed trust fund. It is regulated by the Financial Services Authority, so you can rest assured that it is safe and protected. The plan fund rises by inflation annually and the funeral director fees are guaranteed. Third party payments are not under our control, but the charges are usually within the plan. Otherwise, a small payment may have to be made after the funeral. Our personalised approach ensures that you get exactly the kind of event you wish, based on your preferences and budget.

Funeral planning in Netherton is done by documenting exactly what you wish for. You can choose a simple, non-religious, traditional funeral or a cremation. This includes flowers, music, readings, carriage and coffin according to what you have laid down. For assistance with funeral planning, contact Barringtons. Our experienced, expert funeral directors and staff can give you the right advice and assistance.


    New Branch now fully open in Netherton

    We are delighted our new branch at
    38 Marian Square, Netherton is now open. 

    We aim to provide the same high quality service and support to the local community, and to help you say goodbye in your own way as we do in our other branches in Waterloo and Formby. 

    To call the Netherton branch directly and speak to Debbie or Angie please call 0151 329 3525.