Undertakers in FormbyWhen you deal with Barringtons’ undertakers in Formby, it’s all about choices; your choices. The funeral arrangements we make for your loved one is the result of choices that you make. Our job is to come alongside you and present you with options and offer guidance and advice when asked. Everyone handles grief in their own way. Circumstances, like a sudden unexpected death will impact you differently than a death after a prolonged illness or that of a centenarian. However, you still grieve and grief makes you vulnerable. That’s why we at Barringtons have designed a planning process that protects you as you make decisions so the funeral is life honouring, dignified and within your budget.

Most of the paperwork can be left to us because it’s routine and there are no real decisions to be made; just questions answered.  In Formby, undertakers at Barringtons collect the remains from hospital soon after we receive the call. So often we humans enter and leave this life in the wee hours of the morning. We’ll meet to plan the funeral soon after but at a convenient time for you. Your choice of funeral is the first consideration. Your life experience may make you most familiar with the traditional funeral. That includes visitation and service in our chapel, funeral procession with our cars leading to the cemetery, service at the cemetery and the return to our facility. We can arrange for flowers, music and even a catered luncheon.

Undertakers in Formby also provide other types of funerals such as a variation or modification of the traditional. You may want to add your own personal touches to the full traditional funeral but may also want to simplify it. You can simplify with reduced hours of visitation, a simpler coffin, music from a CD, fewer flowers or eliminate the burial procession and service. Eliminate one or all and add your own personal choices. For instance let the music be favourites of the deceased; add a life story board with photos or specially prepared video compilation. For some, the right choice is immediate cremation which we arrange and perhaps later a private memorial service. When the time comes, contact Barringtons. The choices are all yours and they will be correct.

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