Non-religious Funerals in Crosby

Non-religious Funerals in Crosby

Non-religious Funerals in CrosbyIf your loved one had expressed a desire for a non-religious funeral in Crosby, ensure that their wishes are respected. At Barringtons, we understand the emotions that pass through your mind when you lose a dear one. If they had a different view of life and death, it’s important that you pay tribute to their memory in the way that they wished. These funerals are also called humanist funerals and they have very little or no religious content of any kind. Instead, they focus on the deceased person’s life, works, achievements, relationships and personality. Barringtons can arrange an event that is special, memorable and tailored to meet your needs, preferences and budget.

Because of their individualised and personalised nature, such funerals are always unique. In Crosby, non-religious funerals are specially designed to celebrate and memorialise the life of a unique person. In general, the family would have a clear idea of the elements they want from such an event. Otherwise, our experienced and knowledgeable funeral directors can help you to plan it. For instance, most humanist funerals have certain selections of music. An introductory piece may be played and it is usually something that the deceased person loved. An older family member or close relative offers words of welcome to the gathering on behalf of the loved ones. If you have a designated celebrant, then this person can offer a short description of the life, ideas and achievements of the deceased person and offer tributes. If they would like to have special readings of poetry or prose that the person was fond of, this would be the right occasion to present them. A few quiet moments of reflection can be introduced. The coffin is lowered, or cremation takes place, and final music brings the event to a close.

The preference for non-religious funerals in Crosby and other locations across the world is on the increase. Since there are no set guidelines or rituals to be followed, this kind of funeral is largely arranged according to the wishes of the family. If you need assistance with planning a non-religious funeral, contact Barringtons. We can help you to create a dignified, elegant and memorable event.


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