Respectful Non-religious Funerals in SeftonIf you are wondering who offers non-religious funerals in Sefton, we are funeral directors who can assist you during this sad time. It is hard losing someone you love and it can make things unnecessarily harder when you can’t find a service that can assist you with your requirements. At Barringtons, we will help take the weight of your shoulders and walk you through the process step by step. This isn’t to say we will dictate the planning of the service to you; we will simply be here to support your wishes and needs in this difficult time.

For many in Sefton, non-religious funerals have become popular and we want to make sure we can carry out the desires of all of our clients so they are comfortable and feel respected. We offer four different main styles of funeral: the traditional religious service; what is known as a simple funeral that can have as few religious elements as you would wish but still has the ritual aspect of a burial or cremation; a bespoke funeral where you and your family have full control over every aspect of the service; and a direct cremation where the loved one is cremated on-site.

The best option for a non-religious funeral in Sefton is our bespoke service. This service allows for any wish of the loved one or family to be taken care of and our directors have had years of experience so they will know how to make the day special and memorable. If you would like to know more about what we can offer your family, contact us today and we will help you receive peace of mind during this difficult period in your life. Continuity of care is important to us, and wherever possible, the funeral director who assists with arranging the funeral service also will supervise the funeral on the day. We have helped many families prepare a meaningful and respectful funeral for their lost loved one, we can assist you too.

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