About Barringtons Funeral Services

Based in Waterloo, Formby, and Netherton, Barringtons Funeral Services is a family-run business founded by Bill and now managed by his son, David, and his wife, Claire. The company is deeply committed to providing high-quality, personalised funeral services. The team at Barringtons Funeral Services has extensive experience in arranging a variety of funerals, ensuring the needs and wishes of every family they serve are met.

Non-religious Funerals in Netherton

In the Netherton area, Barringtons Funeral Services offers a comprehensive range of non-religious funeral options. The company is passionate about delivering services that are both appropriate and meaningful, tailored to every individual’s specific needs and wishes.

Our Commitment to Quality

  • High-Quality Services: We are dedicated to providing top-tier services, ensuring every funeral we handle is personal and relevant.
  • Continuity of Care: We believe in the importance of continuity of care. Wherever possible, the person who arranges the funeral service also supervises the funeral on the day.
  • Personalised Care: Funeral services are unique and personal, and we strive to have our service reflect that, tailoring each service to the individual and their family.

Our Non-Religious Services

  1. Funeral Arrangement: Our team will guide you in making all necessary funeral arrangements, ensuring a stress-free process.
  2. Personalised Services: We work closely with families to create a non-religious service that truly reflects the life and personality of the deceased.
  3. Post-Funeral Services: We also offer post-funeral services, providing support and care to families even after the funeral has taken place.


At Barringtons Funeral Services, we understand the importance of a meaningful, personal funeral service. In Netherton, we are dedicated to providing our clients with high-quality, non-religious funeral services that reflect the life of the individual and provide comfort and closure for their loved ones. For a personal and meaningful non-religious funeral service in Netherton, reach out to the caring team at Barringtons Funeral Services.

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