A Personal Touch with Barringtons Funeral Services in Formby

When dealing with the loss of a loved one, it’s crucial to find a funeral service that provides not just professional service, but also a personal touch. That’s where Barringtons Funeral Services comes in. Based in Waterloo, with branches in Formby and Netherton, we are a family-run business committed to delivering personalised and high-quality funeral services.

Our Story

Barringtons Funeral Services is a legacy left by Bill, the father of David who now runs the business with his wife Claire. Our team, passionate about arranging funerals that are both appropriate and significant, is always ready to assist you in making funeral arrangements.

Our Services in Formby

Operating in Formby, we offer a range of services designed to make the funeral arrangement process as smooth as possible. These include:

  • Personalised Funeral Services
  • Expert Funeral Arrangements
  • Continuity of Care

Our prime aim is to ensure that every funeral we arrange is relevant and completely personal. We believe that funerals are important and personal events and our service reflects this belief.

Why Choose Barringtons Funeral Services in Formby?

Choosing Barringtons Funeral Services for your needs in Formby comes with several benefits:

  1. Independent and Family Run: Our business is family-run, ensuring a personal touch in every service we provide.
  2. High Quality and Excellent Service: We are committed to delivering high-quality services that exceed your expectations.
  3. Continuity of Care: The person who arranges the funeral service also supervises the funeral on the day, ensuring continuity of care.
  4. Personalised Services: We believe every funeral should be personal and relevant, and we strive to provide a service that reflects this.


In your time of need, Barringtons Funeral Services in Formby is here to provide professional, compassionate, and personalised funeral arrangements. We understand the importance of a meaningful farewell, and we commit to helping you through every step of the process with the highest level of care and professionalism.

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