Coffins and Caskets

At Barrington’s Independent Funeral Services, we offer a wide selection of different coffins and caskets to suit all budgets and tastes. Below are just some of the coffin and caskets we provide.

  • Simple Coffins – our selection of simple coffins including cardboard start from £205.
  • Green Coffins – made from either willow, bamboo, seagrass or banana leaf.
  • Veneered Coffins – the most popular coffin choice is veneer, we have a large selection to choose from, most of which can be supplied to us within 48 hours.
  • Colourful Coffins – colourful coffins were the first company in the UK to produce coffins with images on them. The design is discussed with the family and can be based on a design from a catalogue or a totally bespoke image unique to your loved one. Prices start from £525.
  • Religious Coffins – We can arrange for Last Supper Coffins and Caskets and also Italian Coffins if desired.
  • Solid Wood Coffins. – Solid Wood Coffins including oak or mahogany with butt ends are generally accepted to be of the highest quality and available to you from our suppliers.

As always if you need any help or advice please call us on 0151 928 1625.

Personal Touches

There are many ways to make a funeral service special and memorable in many cases these personal touches cost nothing or very little. At Barringtons Funeral Services, our experience and personalised approach means that we can help make the day truly unique and memorable.


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