Fees & Charges

On this website, we give some examples of funeral services in the most popular schemes that are chosen.

Our most flexible service is the Traditional Funeral Service, this is a bespoke service and can be flexed any way you would like to. You can choose to have limousines or not, choose a VW Camper Van or Land Rover Hearse or select a Galaxy Hearsette or Volvo SUV to carry the coffin if you prefer rather than the traditional hearse. If you choose not to use the chapel of rest we won’t charge for it.  This is exactly what you will receive from us a bespoke service tailored to your needs.

There are also two lower cost options. They are both limited services. We have added these to give you options if you want a simpler style of funeral. Unattended CremationorStandardised Funeral Service

Please find below a list of our fees and charges. The list covers most eventualities but it is not exhaustive.

We will do as much or as little as you want. You can even supply your own coffin if you wish.

Our coffins are on a separate page, you can find them here.

As always if you need any help or advice please call us on 0151 928 1625.

Table of Fees and Charges

Professional Fee:
Taking care of all legal and administrative arrangements including all personnel required.  
Collection of the deceased person in working hoursl
Care of the deceased person until the time of the funeral service.
Presentation/Dressing of the deceased person in their own clothes or a superior gown. (Included embalming if necessary). 
Use of the Chapel of Rest/Viewing Room
Regular use of and visits to the chapel of rest within normal office hours.
Visits to the chapel of rest outside of working hours. (Per visit).

Collection of the person who has died: (Within 10 Miles)
Within normal working hours:
Additional charge from the place of death outside normal working hours:


Additional Services

Funeral Service to take place on a Saturday

Funeral Service to take place on a Sunday/Bank Holiday



Provision of Transport (radius of 30 Miles)
Coleman Milne Norwood Classic Mild Hybrid Low Emissions  Motor Hearse  (inc up to 4 bearers)

Volvo XC90 SUV  as Hearsette or Limousine (Low Emissions)

Limousine – Coleman Milne Rosedale (6 Seats)

Tesla Model 3 Saloon Car Zero Emissions (Seats 4)

Extra mileage over 10 miles (per mile)






Alternative Transport
Horse Drawn Hearse – Black or White with 2 Horses
Motorcycle Hearse
4×4 Hearse
VW Camper Van Hearse
Reception of person who has died into church
or taken home prior to the funeral service
During Working hours if viewing has been selected.
During Working hours if viewing not selected.
Weekday Evenings (After 5.30pm) / Weekends and Public Holidays

Urns and Ashes Caskets.
Solid Wood Ashes Casket
Metal Urns 
Typical Adult Disbursements (Third party fees)

Typical Adult Disbursements (Third party fees) Disbursements or third party fees are the cost incurred to carry out the funeral service by other parties.

Sefton Crematoria – Thornton / Southport
Cremation Fee (40 minute service)

Optional Extended Service Time (Extra 40 mins) £193
Doctors Cremation Certificate £82
Clergy / Celebrants fee – May vary £206-£225
Liverpool Crematoria-Anfield or Springwood
Anfield (40 minute service)
Optional extra time

Burial Examples
Thornton Garden of Rest
Non resident fee add 100% to purchase fee.
New Grave for 2 people (inc cost to purchase and open, with foundation)
Re-open existing grave
Cremated remains grave (Purchase and open for interment).
Use of the Service Chapel
Removal of Headstone only

Liverpool City Council Cemeteries
Non resident fee add 100%  to purchase fee.
New grave for 2 people (inc. cost to purchase and open, with foundation)
Re-open existing grave
Cremated remains (Purchase and open for interment).



Personal Touches

There are many ways to make a funeral service special and memorable in many cases these personal touches may cost nothing or very little. At Barringtons Funeral Services, our experience and personalised approach means that we can help make the day truly unique and memorable. No matter what you would like to do we will try and make it happen.