A Simple Affair



Our funeral services are all tailored to the family that we are looking after at the time. However to help you to compare services we have put together two examples of popular choices by families.


The Simple Funeral service includes:

  • The professional services of a funeral director personally attending to all necessary arrangements.
  • Advice on registration and coroner’s procedures.
  • Advice on assistance for a funeral payment from the DWP Social fund.
  • Collection of the person who has died within a 25 mile radius of our premises within office hours. If you would like us to come outside of working hours it will cost £150. 
  • Caring for the person who has died in suitable temperature controlled hygienic conditions.
  • A simple wood effect coffin suitable for burial or cremation.
  • An online obituary notice which is yours to keep.
  • A Hearse to transfer the person who has died from our chapel of rest directly to the cemetery or crematorium and a pallbearer to transfer the coffin using the wheel bier. If you would like the coffin carried by ourselves this will cost £100 for two extra bearers. 
  • Administration of any music you require.
  • Return of the ashes in a decorative scatter tube. (If cremated).
  • Please note: This service is limited to before 10am or after 3pm and is not available on Fridays. 
Please note the simple affair funeral excludes the following:
  • Hygienic preservative treatment (Embalming)
  • Any limousines.
  • Visiting in the chapel of rest.
  • Placing notices in printed publications.
  • Administering charity donations. 
  • Ordering flowers. 
  • Disbursements or third party payments made on your behalf.

This service is offered at £1075 plus disbursements*.

Although this is a limited service you may of course opt for additional services:

Viewing the person who has died in the chapel of rest:

  • Viewing – £75 per visit.
  • Embalming: – £80.
  • Dressing in own clothes or a viewing gown – £80.
  • Extra bearers can be added for £50 each.
  • Support with ordering, design and proofing of order of service can be added for £100.
  • Support with ordering and administering a visual tribute can be added for £75. Alternatively you can do this yourselves. We will send the link to you to upload the pictures for no cost.  The crematorium also add a charge for a visual tribute (from £60).
  • Alternative coffins may be chosen for the difference between the simple coffin (£200) and the alternative coffin. eg choosing the York coffin (£325) would add an extra cost of £125. 


An overview of our
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