A Simple Affair

The Simple Affair Funeral Service has now been retired as we have been required to replace it with the Standardised Funeral Service by the CMA order. The Standardised funeral is a simple service which is more flexible than our ‘Simple Affair’ was. So to avoid confusion we have removed this package.

If you are seeking help with a limited budget please get in touch with us by phone and we will always try and help and advise you as much as we can.

There are many ways that you can personalise a funeral service with very little cost. Some ideas are:

  • Homemade service sheets with pictures and your own words.
  • Flowers or foliage from your own garden.
  • Some venues have visual slideshows free of charge.
  • Make a picture board and take it with you to the funeral and the reception.
  • Have the reception at home where you can control the costs.

Please contact us and we will always try and help.