Types of Funerals

At Barrington’s Independent Funeral Services our funeral directors’ are fully trained and understand the grieving process and ensure that any funeral arrangements are performed in the most sympathetic, professional and seamless manner. We will endeavour, under all circumstances to provide bereaved families with the full information about all the services and types of funerals we provide along with any other requested information.

The main styles of funerals we are asked for at Barrington’s include;

  • The Traditional Funeral– The traditional funeral service is a popular choice made by families we care for, it seems to be the service most people recognise. Every funeral can be bespoke and tailored to every family we care for. That is what we are all about. When we make arrangements we will not try and put you into a package, we will plan a truly personal and memorable funeral service with whatever you want or importantly whatever you don’t want. We never charge you for anything you don’t require. This means we are totally flexible.
  • The Simple Affair– This funeral service is for families that want to simplify the traditional funeral but still want to have a dignified service. We make the arrangements on your behalf and provide the family with a Hearse and simple coffin This is a more limited service than our bespoke service with the intention of reducing the costs for families where finance is a challenge or families who would like a respectable funeral but a bit less fuss. As with all our services there are options
  • Direct Cremation– Direct cremation or Unattended Cremation is the lowest cost service available. This is for people who prefer a very simple approach to the funeral service. This funeral arrangement is provided by ourselves in our locally based premises in Liverpool. Please note if you choose this service you will not be able to attend and there will be no ceremony. As with all our services there are options available to make the service flexible before the funeral.
  • Our full price list is available from both offices or here on the website.

Personal Touches

There are many ways to make a funeral service special and memorable in many cases these personal touches cost nothing or very little. At Barringtons Funeral Services, our experience and personalised approach means that we can help make the day truly unique and memorable.


An overview of our
approach to funeral service