Looking for a Mortuary in Formby?

Looking for a Mortuary in Formby?

march 4A mortuary in Formby, Barrington’s Funeral Directors, provides meaningful funeral services,  completely fitting of the life that is being honored. You see, the key to a meaningful funeral service is planning a ceremony that allows loved ones to remember all of the wonderful experiences they had with the deceased. In many case, the family comes to us requesting a customized service that incorporates many of the things that made their loved one’s life special.

Imagine the deceased is an elderly man with a large family from Formby. Mortuary services would be the last thing they want to deal with, so they come to Barrington’s Funeral Directors. When he passed, his family came to us with stories of a well-loved father, brother, husband and grandfather. One detail that is revealed during our consultations was the fact that he was an amateur jazz musician, with a particular love of New Orleans brass bands and Dixieland jazz.

With careful attention to detail and a sense of dignity, Barrington’s Funeral Directors would plan a memorable service that became a celebration of life rather than a sad event. For example, we may arrange for the funeral procession to be in the traditional New Orleans style. This would involve a brass band playing somber hymns and dirges before entombment, then moving onto a more upbeat style of music allowing the family and friends to truly celebrate the life of their loved one. Of course this type of service is not right for everyone, and that’s really the point. Families requiring the services of a mortuary in Formby need the help of dedicated professionals that can plan an event based on the needs of the family. This is the type of personalized service we strive for every day at Barrington’s Funeral Directors. Call us today on 0151 928 1625 or visit our website for more information.


    New Branch now fully open in Netherton

    We are delighted our new branch at
    38 Marian Square, Netherton is now open. 

    We aim to provide the same high quality service and support to the local community, and to help you say goodbye in your own way as we do in our other branches in Waterloo and Formby. 

    To call the Netherton branch directly and speak to Debbie or Angie please call 0151 329 3525.