non-religious funerals in NethertonSome families prefer non-religious funerals in Netherton. Our approach at Barringtons is to ensure that each family gets the service it desires and deserves. We employ fully trained, empathic funeral directors that know how to help a family that is in the process of grieving. Our policy is to ensure that all funeral arrangements are performed in the most professional and sympathetic manner. For every funeral service, we make sure to fully inform the family about our services and the options they have open going forward.

For families in Netherton, non-religious funerals are not the only type of funeral on offer at Barringtons. We also offer traditional funerals, simple funerals, bespoke funerals and direct cremation. The traditional funeral is a popular choice among our clients, while the simple funeral is a simplified version of the traditional one. This service includes a hearse service and a simple coffin with a limited viewing in our chapel. Some families have a specificfuneral in mind, and for these families, we have the bespoke service. You could say that all of our funerals are bespoke, because all options are open regardless of the type of funeral you choose. However, if you want a truly personal and memorable experience this is the service for you. Finally, we have the direct cremation, which is our lowest cost service, and it is reserved for people who prefer a very simple approach to the funeral.

Speak to us if you need more information regarding non-religious funerals in Netherton. We also give advice or handle directly the legal aspect of the funeral. For example, registering the death has to be done by a relative, a person present at the time of death, the occupier of the premises where the death occurred or the person arranging the funeral (this does not include the funeral director). Contact Barringtons if you need assistance with planning non-religious funerals. You do not have to worry if the process seems overwhelming, we will be there to guide every step of the way.

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