Bespoke Funerals in LiverpoolTimes are changing and at Barringtons, bespoke funerals in Liverpool is your choice and our honour to carry out. There are situations when our very lowest cost funeral is the right choice. We simply collect the remains, transport them to the crematorium and receive the ashes which we turn over to whoever is in charge. We also handle the necessary paperwork. This might be the right choice for an elderly person with little family, or a person whose family wishes to conduct their own memorial service in their own time and place. This is an unattended cremation but you can count on our respect and care at every step of the way. We are here to meet with you and answer any questions or concerns that may arise.  We will also handle shipping remains to the family when the deceased is not local or lives abroad.

Consider starting with our simple funeral plan in Liverpool bespoke funeral. It may include cremation or not. Our hearse is made available for transport to the funeral venue or burial site. We include music of your choice, manage the necessary documents and we place the obituary for you. You may keep this simple format or add the touches you prefer such as a visitation time, flowers, the use of our facilities for services. Our traditional service is most popular of all and likely the type most are familiar with. We manage everything as you choose. A visitation time, religious or secular service as you choose, flower arrangements, music that is recorded or live, payments to the hospital, doctors, florists, clergy, funeral cars, and more.

The thing about all bespoke funerals in Liverpool is that each is designed within the price range to your specifications. We’re an independent funeral service provider. We have the flexibility to customise each area of any of the three selections. Our funeral directors are compassionate, unobtrusive and professional.  The Unattended Cremation, The Simple Funeral and The Traditional Funeral are meant as sample guides within each price range. There is always room for adjustment. Contact Barringtons if you are tasked with planning a funeral. We can assist you with each step of the planning process and also explain the legal forms that must be completed.

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