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We were so pleased we came with Barringtons, everything we asked for and talked about was able to happen. The day went without any issues and everyone felt the service for Mum was perfect!

- Steven Jones


We could not believe how easy and organised everything went for our mum,s funeral, we were so grateful for all the help we received from the start. We would sincerely like to thank Claire & David for their caring support and making our very sad day stress free thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

- Sarah Dixon


Would just like to say a very big thank you to all the staff here couldn't thank you enough for my mums funeral yous made it so lovely the family were so proud of the service my mum would of been so proud so thank you once again x

- Chelsie Dunne


There are many ways to make a funeral service special and memorable, many of these cost very little or nothing at all.

Personal Music

Personal music can really change the feel of a funeral it can evoke happy memories of the person who has died and of better times.

Memory Board

Having a picture board on display at the reception with pictures from the person’s life.

Book of memories/Condolence Books

Have a book and ask the guests to write their memories in the book for the family to keep.

Passing a special place

Did your mum like the bingo or your dad love a certain pub? We could travel past and pause at their favourite place en route to the funeral service.

Were they a gardener?

Use flowers or produce from their garden or allotment and put it on the coffin in place of a bought flower arrangement.

Personalise the chapel of rest

We will help you make the room your loved one stays in a special place with personal things if you wish.

A funeral service is always made more special if someone who knows the person contributes, read a favourite poem or verse, sings a favourite song.

Wearing certain colours or flowers

Is there a colour of flower that is special to you, why not wear it at the funeral service.

Personalise the service sheet

With things that remind you of your loved one. Poems, sayings, pictures that make you smile.

Provide family pallbearers

It is a privilege to carry someone’s coffin, it makes it even more special when family carry. This can be done by men or women, whatever you choose to do we will help you.

Take the service yourself

If there is someone in the family who feels they could contribute the funeral service that could make the day more special, however if they became overwhelmed it would be wise to have a contingency plan.

These are just a few thoughts, you may have other suggestions. Whatever you want to do, we will try and provide it.

Personal Touches

There are many ways to make a funeral service special and memorable in many cases these personal touches cost nothing or very little. At Barringtons Funeral Services, our experience and personalised approach means that we can help make the day truly unique and memorable.


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